6 Retirement MYTHS Debunked We are experiencing a silver Tsunami. The leading edge of the Boomers turned 65 six years ago. On average, 1,250 Canadians turn 65 years old every single day. Most Boomers were born between 1961 -1965. That’s why you feel everyone has been turning 50. And people are living longer, much longer. With all of this happening, it’s small wonder that the media, politicians and the financial services business are... Read More >
SPEND YOUR TIME HAVING FUN, NOT SPENDING ALL YOUR MONEY Never let lack of money interfere with having fun.” ~Unknown Find ways to enjoy your life without breaking your bank. Tip 7 of 7 - Discover inexpensive or free ways to have fun  Inexpensive pursuits typically don’t have the cache of pricey activities. Is it more connecting and exciting to visit a museum or gallery for free, discussing what you see while you’re there,... Read More >
SAVING MONEY THE LITTLE WAYS Another great saving tip that can save you a lot of dollars every year...is to start slowly saving with the 30-day rule. Finding little ways to save here and there, saving small amounts of money is great, and if you focus, can lead to big amounts of savings before you know it. Tip 6 of 7 - Introduce a 30-day rule If you feel like treating yourself to an unnecessary purchase, write the item down and ... Read More >
ANOTHER TIP TO SAVE MONEY WHERE YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOU COULD Not sure how to save money? We have a tip for you, delete your online Credit Card info from your shopping sites. Due to the rising presence of the internet in our daily lives, online shopping is becoming more common. This can lead to compulsive shopping and can lead to your bank account shrinking without you knowing it. Online shopping from the comfort of your home without the ... Read More >
ANOTHER MONEY SAVING TIP Check out the following helpful tip to help you keep track of your hard-earned money but also help save some of those precious pennies too! Tip 4 of 7 - "Set and Stick to a budget" Review the last 3-6 months of credit card and bank statements; identify and total the spending by category or location to determine unnecessary/discretionary spending.  Determine what is necessary and can’t really be adjusted much, li... Read More >
CAN TECHNOLOGY HELP SAVE YOU MONEY? Check out the following helpful tip to not only help you keep track of your hard-earned money but also help save some of those precious pennies too! Tip 3 of 7 - "Use a Budget App" Entering EVERY purchase into a smartphone app as you buy them and then keeping track of how much you spend and where you spend it as it happens will help you be a more disciplined spender. Go to the AppStore for you phone, ... Read More >
IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SAVE MONEY, YOU NEED TO "PAY YOURSELF FIRST". Saving money in unexpected ways is about knowing how much money you have, and where exactly it is going. Check out the following helpful tips and tricks to not only help you keep track of your hard-earned money but also keep more of it in your pocket! Tip 2 of 7 - "Pay Yourself First!" Set up a direct deposit that automatically transfers a percentage of your income into a ... Read More >
HOW TO SAVE MONEY Regardless of how much money you make, it can seem like there will never be enough to fund your retirement. Fortunately, saving money doesn’t have to be as stressful an endeavour as you may think. There are plenty of small steps you can implement that make a big difference in the long run. Tip 1 of 7 - "Erase Consumer Debt" This type of debt includes credit card and line of credit debt. To help minimize your debt consid... Read More >