Hear what our clients have to say

We are thankful for our clients and feel like each and every one are part of our family.

My wife and I met with Stacy and were immediately impressed with her “non stuffy” and very easy going personality. She not only wanted to know about our financial situation, but our relationship, our dreams for the future and our goals. Because of Stacy’s knowledge and enthusiasm regarding our financial situation she designed a portfolio that was designed for us. I can’t express my complete trust in Alex and Stacy.


Finding the right Financial Advisor can be the greatest challenge to everyone with investments, even more so for people our age. Della and I have been very fortunate to have had Stacy as our Financial Advisor for quite a number of years now.


Stacy has been a friend and trusted financial advisor for the past 15 years. She has taken me through some financial challenges in the market place and I feel she has always my best interest at heart. I am a few years away from retirement but know that when I do I will retire in comfort thanks to Stacy. A true professional always looking after my best interests.


Investing can be very confusing! In the past, if I asked questions to my advisor they just seemed to talk faster and I never understood what they said.  I would leave my financial planning appointments feeling worried and anxious about my investments.


When I first met with Stacy 10 years ago, she reviewed all of my investments, debts, and insurance and created the most comprehensive financial plan I have ever seen. I was amazed! I trust Stacy completely, and respect her opinion so greatly that I do not make a financial move without consulting her!


Stacy spoke at a Re/Max Convention back in 2001 in Kelowna and I was so impressed with her creativity and “out of the box” thinking. I invited her to speak at a luncheon for my office peers in Maple Ridge; and as a result many of us are still her clients to this day.


Our retirement savings are very important to us! It has always been our goal to maintain the quality of life we are accustomed to now, throughout our retirement.  We would only place the management of our retirement savings in the hands of someone we trust entirely; and we have found that person in Stacy Hadden.


I heard Stacy speak at a seminar over ten years ago.  Her explanation of the market was so clear and precise; I knew Stacy was the financial planner for me.  Her advice is sound and has proven to be trustworthy over time.  I am as confident now with her advice as I was the first day I met her.  She is truly one of my most valued assets. 


Our investment experience with Stacy Hadden has been nothing but good.  She took on our portfolio and really started some action for us by investing well and prudently on our behalf.  We appreciate her expertise in investing which frees us from worrying about fluctuations in the market so we can just enjoy our retirement.


Stacy Hadden has been my financial advisor since the death of my partner. She is skilled and thoughtful and I am most impressed by her knowledge of the financial world. In spite of my modest portfolio, Stacy presented a workable financial plan tailored to my needs. Transferring my financial assets to Stacy has been a key factor in my on-going good health and positive mindset. I highly recommend Stacy Hadden as your next financial advisor.


I knew nothing about investing; however, my strength was managing our household finances. When my marriage broke down I knew that I had some RRSP’s, my pension plan and a house that was being sold because of our divorce. Stacy was recommended to me oddly enough by my soon to be ex-husband.