‘Planning Through the Generations’

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– Stacy & Alex

Stacy Reid| Certified Financial Planner & Founder of Stacy Hadden & Associates

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Stacy grew up in South Kelowna, the 3rd youngest in a family of 9 children. She is also a 3rd generation “Kelowna-rite” and is very proud of her family’s history in Kelowna.

“I experienced a lot by being a part of a large family. I watched my mother juggle her life between her motherly duties, wifely duties and managing the books for my father’s business. She was 100% in charge of managing the family finances and was an outstanding money manager while my father was a great provider. We were very fortunate!”

Stacy started her career in the financial field in 1981 however, opened her own financial planning practice in 1997.

“I have always been very interested in people and fascinated with trying to determine what makes them “tick”. I seem to build trust with people very quickly as they can sense that I am truly interested in them.I believe everyone has their own unique passions. I definitely have mine! I absolutely love witnessing the transformation of our clients from fear and worry to peace and clarity.  We literally watch our clients step into empowerment and it is the most fulfilling aspect of our work.”

Each client we meet with is unique. Their goals, dreams and current financial situations all vary – but the reason they come to us seems to have a common denominator… they are searching for someone they can trust and someone who will sincerely listen to them. Most people don’t realize the emotional connection to financial stress; our clients joke  at the end of our meetings that they feel like they have just gone through a counselling session. The planning process we go through with each client is so in-depth that at the end of our implementation meeting they feel as though they have really been enlightened.

In her personal life Stacy spends her downtime with her husband Rob Reid. Together they enjoy quality time in Maui, they golf and spend time with their family. Stacy loves soaking up quality time with her grandchildren. This is on the opposite end of the spectrum from her work so it gives her a nice balance in life.

Contact Stacy Reid at stacy.reid@haddenfinancial.ca

Stacy was honoured to be nominated for the 2003 YMCA-YWCA Women Of Distinction Award

Stacy was honoured to be nominated for the 2003 YMCA-YWCA Women Of Distinction Award’


Alex Herron |Certified Financial Planner & Associate Financial Planner

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“I realized at a young age that Financial Planning wasn’t just about numbers but helping people achieve their dreams. I was 10 when Stacy (my mom) started her Financial Planning business and I grew up hearing the success stories of her clients. Her passion for Financial Planning was contagious and I knew at a young age I wanted to follow in her footsteps. When I started working as Stacy’s assistant my first year out of college, clients were so excited to hear that I had joined the team and now look at me as an extension of my mom. I think that this is a true testament that our clients feel they are a part of our family and we pride ourselves in having that strong relationship with them!”


After completing her Business Diploma with a major in Financial Services; Alex joined Hadden & Associates in 2006. She is a Certified Financial Planner and has worked closely with Stacy over the years to not only learn the planning process but help to develop it. 

“It has already been over 10 years and I still learn something new every day. Working with our clients, getting to meet new clients and having the opportunity to hear their life stories is so rewarding. Helping put action steps in to place and watching our clients become excited for their future is the best part of what we do.”

Alex married her husband Tom in December 2011 and together they have two sons Dawson and Everett.

Contact Alex Herron at alex.herron@haddenfinancial.ca

Our Team

We feel that it is imperative to have a team that has the same beliefs and passion about helping people that we do. Our clients love working with our team and we know you will too.